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3 Reasons Why DLP Needs To Be Done On The Client

Cristi Zamfir [November 17, 2020]
From the earliest days of information security, pundits have debated which is better—an endpoint-based approach to security or a network-based approach. In most cases, this is a false dilemma. Both false
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Time to Value

Troy Gerber [November 4, 2020]
Time to Value (TTV) is the amount of time it takes a customer to realize value from a new purchase. It’s different from Return on Investment (ROI) in that it’s concerned with the desired result of false
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The Power of Long-Term Memory and Why You Need to Move On From Your Memento DLP

Volodymyr (Vova) Kuznetsov [October 27, 2020]
DLP technologies have been around for a long time, and while they have made some incremental improvements over the years, no one really loves their DLP. It’s one of those things that most false
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More Informative than a Presidential Debate - DLP vs. UBA

Troy Gerber [October 20, 2020]
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Why Cyberhaven Is The Only Day Zero DLP Solution Available for macOS Big Sur

Volodymyr (Vova) Kuznetsov [September 24, 2020]
How to Keep Your Data Safe Without Worrying About the OS The upcoming release of macOS 11.0 Big Sur marks one of the biggest updates to Apple's iconic operating system in years. And while there are false
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Data tracing vs. data tagging

Cristi Zamfir [July 22, 2020]
Data Tagging Overview Data tagging is an old concept with a multitude of use cases ranging from data classification to data leak prevention.  A few of the most important goals are:
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The Next Chapter in the Cyberhaven Story

We started Cyberhaven with the mission to enable enterprises to protect their data and the data of their customers from breaches. We envisioned a cyber world where enterprises could exist in safe false
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Top 3 experts who can help you protect Innovation Capital in Pharma

Mary Roark [July 7, 2020]
It is imperative to “keep current with technical and non-technical trends as part of your periodic review and sustainment efforts” for your data protection controls, according to a May 2020 report false
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The Essential Requirements Checklist for Insider Threat Solutions

Cristi Zamfir [June 23, 2020]
This is my perspective as a CISO on what are the essential requirements for an insider threat solution. I have tried to not focus on the obvious such as "provide investigative capabilities". All false
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Security Fatigue defeats Security Education

Mary Roark [June 17, 2020]
SECURITY FATIGUE The average employee has security fatigue according to a study from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). “Security fatigue is defined as a weariness or false
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