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Comprehensive data protection for healthcare

In today's healthcare landscape, protecting patient privacy and safeguarding confidential healthcare data are paramount. Cyberhaven offers modern DLP and IRM solutions to help meet this challenge.

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Safeguarding patient privacy and confidential healthcare data with Cyberhaven

Healthcare companies and hospitals can meet the challenges of regulatory scrutiny with Cyberhaven’s unique approach to data protection.

Protect patient privacy and maintain compliance

Cyberhaven helps prevent the intentional or accidental leakage of patient data by providing accurate data classification and the ability to enforce acceptable use policies in real-time.

Educate your workforce in real-time

Cyberhaven provides flexible response options and customizable messages to educate your team on appropriate use and find the right balance between security and productivity.

Enhance data governance and incident response

Cyberhaven provides the full history of data in the lead-up to an incident, giving you instant context into how an incident occurred and what improvements to security and governance need to be made.

There’s a shift away from simply reporting to enabling transparency. We want to know everything. We want you to be transparent. We don’t want you to hide anything back. Cyberhaven is a tool in the toolbox that enables organizations to do that.

Dan Walsh

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