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We’re on a mission to safeguard the flow of data in the digital economy. This journey won’t be short or easy and we’re just getting started.

Safeguarding the flow of data

Cyberhaven is creating technology to safeguard the flow of data in the digital economy so that creators maintain ownership and attribution of their work.

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Why Cyberhaven?

At Cyberhaven, you’ll be working to protect data that is the lifeblood of our world today. Every day you’ll be challenged by brilliant people around you. We’ll invest in you every step of the way.

Our values

What makes our culture unique

Reach for ambitious goals

We’re not afraid of setting bold, audacious goals and are maniacally focused on achieving them. We strive to push the boundaries of what's possible and come up with creative solutions that make a real impact. We believe that breakthrough innovation is key to us successfully shaping a better tomorrow for all.

Think deeply and use sound reasoning

We start with first principles and work hard to deeply understand how things work. We’re direct with colleagues and have vigorous intellectual debates. Good ideas can come from anyone, regardless of their job title, and we make decisions on the merits of the argument and never based on politics.

Step up and take ownership

We take ownership, not just of our projects, but for the overall success of the company – identifying what’s holding us back and proactively making improvements. We put the team’s success above our own self interest and share knowledge openly. We are a little bit insecure and paranoid and do whatever it takes to ensure success.

Continuously learn and grow

Everyone is driven to continuously learn and improve, whether they’re just starting their career or a seasoned expert in their field. We actively create opportunities for people to take on new challenges and grow professionally.

Obsess about customers

We listen to our customers to understand their businesses intimately so we can solve their biggest problems. In everything we do that touches customers, we exceed their expectations for quality and reliability. When something urgent happens, we drop everything to help them.

Enjoy the journey

Building a great company isn’t enough, we also want to have fun along the way. We’re serious when it matters but also enjoy working together and joking around. We demonstrate we care about others and recognize them for their contributions and accomplishments.

Opportunities to make your mark

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