Linea AI

A breakthrough in AI that detects and stops the most critical risks to your most important data

Breakthrough innovation

Linea AI thinks like the smartest security analyst, precisely spotting insider risks across billions of workflows and every piece of data. It understands how people work the way a human would, but it never loses focus, never has bias, and can apply human-like insight at incredible scale.

Customer story

Navan detects 40 critical risks in one month using Linea AI

85 %

Risks confirmed

0 %

Detected by policies

5 x

Faster resolution

It's constantly learning the data movement in the organization. Whenever there is an event, because of the accuracy of detection we're able to arrive where the risk really is.

Prabhath "PK" Karanth
VP of Security and Trust
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Detects risks others can’t

Identifies insider risks that traditional policies and other AI techniques miss.


Prioritizes critical risks

Understands risk to data and surfaces the incidents with greatest business impact.


Provides deep analysis

Summarizes with plain language explanations and full context to quickly understand user intent.


Facilitates rapid response

Recommends the right responses so you can take action quickly when time matters.


Prevents future incidents

Helps you construct and enforce policies to stop similar incidents and reduce risk.

How it’s different

Like nothing that’s come before, with results like nothing else

Protects sensitive data not defined by DLP policies.

Profiles what data is sensitive, even if you don’t know it exists or don’t define it within a policy.

Detects risks more precisely than UEBA anomalies

Analyzes entire data flows to see the big picture that volumetric anomalies for single actions can’t.

Captures more behavior than rules-based heuristics

Covers the full spectrum of human behavior that cannot be defined or predicted by rules.

How it works

Superhuman insider risk detection powered by data lineage

Linea AI intrinsically recognizes abnormal behavior when it sees it. By taking the entire data flow and context into account, it examines any unexpected deviations to identify risky actions.

Under the hood
Introducing LLiM

Linea AI is powered by the first-of-its-kind Large Lineage Model (LLiM), a breakthrough in AI built on Cyberhaven’s unique graph of corporate workflows.

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Semantic understanding of data, people, and applications

Without any rules, definitions, dictionaries, or policies, it understands risk using collective intelligence that’s as knowledgeable as a subject matter expert for every domain.

Signals collection

Linea AI forensically collects signals from cloud applications, endpoints and web browsers.

Computer vision

When Linea AI has probable cause regarding risky behavior, it analyzes on-screen activity to better understand if data is at risk.