Use case

Accelerate internal investigations

Quickly understand an incident to determine user intent with a complete record of events before and during an incident.

Incident view

See the full picture before and after attempted exfiltration

Cyberhaven Data Detection and Response (DDR) provides analysts with the full history of events related to the data before, during, and after the incident.

An incident view with the context to understand what happened

Cyberhaven assembles the context that analysts need to quickly understand the incident across assets and across time.

The user’s intent

One view that summarizes repeated attempts to exfiltrate the same data, changes to file extensions, and obfuscation attempts such as compressing in a ZIP file or encrypting data before exfiltration.

How they got a copy

Understand the journey the data took within the company including how the user got ahold of the data, revealing risks like incorrect permissions and oversharing.

Collusion with others

See patterns data transfer patterns between a user attempting to exfiltrate data and others within the company who may be working together to move sensitive data.

Incident replay

Replay the incident and inspect the data being exfiltrated

Cyberhaven can optionally collect and present additional evidence to analysts to better understand what was happening during the incident.

Screen recordings

View what was happening on the user’s device in the 30 seconds before an incident occurred to gain more context for an action.

Forensic file capture

Review a copy of the data involved in the incident. Customers can optionally store file evidence in their own cloud environment.

The top 15 Data Detection and Response use cases
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Remote forensics

Forensically record user activity without physical access to a device

Cyberhaven captures every user action related to every piece of data and stores it securely in the cloud, so you can perform a post-incident forensic investigation without needing physical possession of a device.


Review Cyberhaven incidents in your SIEM/SOAR or any third-party tool

Cyberhaven has native integration to SIEMs such as Splunk and also exposes incidents through an API so you can pull Cyberhaven incidents into any third-party security tool for review using your existing incident response workflow.

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The magic behind Cyberhaven is data lineage

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