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Data security built for investment firms

Cyberhaven protects investor privacy, proprietary market research, financial models, and more without disrupting the way you do business.

How we help

Protect sensitive financial data and safeguard client trust with Cyberhaven

Cyberhaven offers data security solutions for financial services institutions, providing comprehensive protection and helping to maintain client trust.

Monitor and control data movement without disruption

Cyberhaven automatically and granularly tracks the usage of data across all your managed devices, no need for file tags or confidential labels, allowing you to enhance your data security without changing how the business operates.

Enhance data governance and incident response

Cyberhaven provides the full history of data movement in your organization, giving you instant context into risks to your data and what improvements to security and governance need to be made.

Flexible response options to keep your team moving fast

In the fast-paced world of finance, being unable to act quickly can lead to millions of dollars in lost revenue. Cyberhaven offers teams a range of policy enforcement options to help find the right balance between security and productivity.

For me seeing the data lineage and how our data moves, that was amazing. You can really dig into the data and see what exactly happened.

Michael Traski
Director of Information Technology

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