Cyberhaven for web

Block important data from leaving your control via uploads or pasting to unsanctioned websites.

The challenges securing data usage on the web

The risks posed by data exfiltration via the web are complex and rapidly evolving.

Sensitive data exposure on the web

Data exposure on the web can range from uploading files to copy / pasting a single line from a document –security teams need a tool that can deal with any scenario.

Business pressure to not block completely

Restricting the usage of websites isn't an option for many security teams due to the impact on company culture and employee morale.

Rapid pace of new applications

Business teams adopt new services and websites every day, and IT teams need a security approach that can keep up in understanding and controlling their usage.


Control the flow of data to websites with simple, powerful policies

Cyberhaven makes it possible to define incredibly simple policies that prevent your sensitive data from flowing to unsanctioned websites.

Test policies on historical data to quickly preview and iterate

Cyberhaven maintains a complete record of every user action for every piece of data. When editing a policy, you can see how it would apply to historical data to quickly make any adjustments without deploying it in production and waiting for results and complaints.

Granular control

Control data movement at the most granular level

Many data security products focus on data in files. They scan content in files and apply tags/labels to files. Cyberhaven tracks and protects every piece of sensitive data, even as it’s copied between files or apps where traditional tools lose track of it.

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Educate your workforce

Take real-time action to protect data and educate users on the right behavior

When data is at risk instantly take action and surface a message to the user educating them on company policy and redirect them to approved alternatives.

Granular insight

Discover what web applications employees are utilizing with company data

Cyberhaven provides teams insight into which employees and what data is being uploaded to unknown online destinations.

How it works

The magic behind Cyberhaven is data lineage

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Complete coverage

One product to protect data across every exfiltration channel

Cyberhaven Data Detection and Response (DDR) makes it possible to stop exfiltration across all channels with one product and one set of policies.

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