Data Behavior Analytics (DaBA) in Action

Protects all your high-value data while continuously educating your users on security best practices


Discover and monitor high-value data
  • Locate high-value datasets, such as Sales Data, Designs, or Source Code, based on data origin, users, apps, content or metadata.
  • Automatically discover and monitor all the locations that store your high-value data across SaaS apps, cloud storage, email, servers, and endpoints.
  • Track all data movement and every user interaction with high-value data, such as viewing, editing, copying, encrypting, uploading, emailing, or sharing.
Protect your data in real-time
  • Instantly identify data risks and detect exfiltration of your high-value data on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Monitor multitude of exfiltration channels such as email, web, removable media, file sharing websites, personal cloud, instant messaging, TOR browser, or unauthorized downloadable software.
  • Setup high-precision alerts for valuable datasets and triggers for automatic real-time response.
Educate High-Risk Users
  • Automatically identify users who are putting your high-value data at risk.
  • Continuously educate employees whenever they violate your security policies.
  • Escalate warnings for repeat offenders to block them from accessing risky destinations.
Rapidly investigate incidents
  • Visualize the complete journey of data being exfiltrated, from its origin, through your servers, endpoints and SaaS apps, and across multiple users to the point of egress.
  • Differentiate between carelessness and malicious intent with data journey
  • Export simple incident reports for HR or Legal.

Easily deploy and integrate into security ecosystem

Install during your lunch hour - it is that easy — with no training or baselining required.

Monitor any on-premises or SaaS application: deep integration available for OneDrive, Outlook, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Salesforce and more.

Orchestrate security actions seamlessly with integration to your security stack including SOAR and SIEM platforms.

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"Staying ahead of the competition means guarding against insider threats. Cyberhaven's Data Behavior Analytics (DaBA) quickly provided new capabilities for unprecedented visibility across our business to quickly identify data leakage in less than a few days."
Richard Rushing
CISO, Motorola Mobility
"Cyberhaven's technology is an important innovation that dramatically improves an organization's ability to contain breaches and data loss."
Jeff Rothschild
Former VP of Infrastructure Engineering, Facebook