Product overview

Data Detection and Response 

Data Detection and Response finds and follows your sensitive data to protect it everywhere it goes, no matter what form it takes.


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Use cases

What you can do with Data Detection and Response

Stop data exfiltration anywhere

One product and policy that covers all exfiltration channels

Better data classification reduces false positives by 95%

Protect sensitive data no other security product can identify

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Understand how data flows

Track data at a granular level as it moves between files and apps

Identify what systems store what data, whether sanctioned or not

See how a user got a copy of data they can’t access at the source

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Detect and stop risky behavior

Focus on high-risk behavior that also involves sensitive data

Instantly and automatically take action to protect data that’s at risk

Coach users on risky behavior in real time to improve future behavior

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Accelerate internal investigations

Quickly understand the events before an incident to determine user intent

Forensically record events without physical access to a device

Replay an incident with screen recordings and forensic file capture

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How it works

The magic behind Cyberhaven is data lineage

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Return on investment

Finally, data security that’s easy to deploy and run

Data loss prevention and insider threat tools aren’t known for being easy to get up and running. Our approach is not only easier for administrators but better for end users too.

95% fewer false positive alerts

Compared with other tools, Cyberhaven not only improves detection of threats others miss, but reduces false positive alerts by 95%.

Simple, powerful policies

By layering in context in addition to content, Cyberhaven policies are easy to customize during initial setup and easier to maintain.

Modern cloud architecture

There are no servers or databases to manage, and Cyberhaven doesn’t slow down end user computers like some products do.

Cyberhaven love

What our customers say

Data lineage is understanding how the data came into your environment and when it came in, and then how it changed, and where it traveled once it was inside your environment.

Dan Walsh
Dan Walsh
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), VillageMD

Our DLP solutions were never really told us exactly what was there. Everything was a credit card number. Everything was a Social Security number. And so it just wasn't great. And it was a lot of work to manage.

Zack Willis
Zack Willis
Senior VP of Technology, IVP

I've used traditional DLP technologies in the past and sometimes the noise-to-signal ratio can be a lot. The context Cyberhaven gives us has significantly improved our data protection, monitoring of data movement, and insider risk.

Prabhath Karanth
Prabhath Karanth
VP and Global Head of Security & Trust, Navan

False positives have been the gating factor for our data protection policies and every one of them makes users angry and creates extra work for our team. Cyberhaven has changed that completely with blocking that is accurate and reliable, and we have a built-in trace of every event so we can validate each decision.

Lance Wright
Lance Wright
CISO, Bazaarvoice

The key challenge with insider threat tools is that they alert you to threats but don’t stop them. And they don’t detect actual threats, many of their alerts turn out to be false positives. Cyberhaven can take action to stop data exfiltration while an insider threat is happening.

John Harris
John Harris
VP of IT Ops, Day & Zimmermann

Cyberhaven is not only the best tool for tracking data movement and exfiltration, the team clearly cares about your data. Their unique design makes everything very easy to comprehend and quick to take action on.

Donald Strand
Donald Strand
Security Systems Administrator, BLT Communications

We've been with Cyberhaven for almost a year, and it's been a cornerstone of our DLP strategy. Their support team is always there for us, addressing any issues or requests we have.

Brad Gasser
Brad Gasser
Solutions Architect Cybersecurity, West Pharmaceutical Services

Cyberhaven beat everyone else in security to the punch with data lineage. Being able to surface critical content without having to painstakingly configure alerts has turned me into a zealot for this technology.

Arlan McMillan
Arlan McMillan
CSO, Kirkland and Ellis

Staying ahead of the competition means guarding against insider threats. Cyberhaven gives us visibility into how data flows within our company and stops insider threats in real time.

Richard Rushing
Richard Rushing
CISO, Motorola

When you have a traditional system and you’re just looking at all the blocked actions, there’s just a lot of noise. Cyberhaven helps identify things that you don’t usually see with traditional DLP.

Mike Santos
Mike Santos
Head of Security, Cooley


Connect Cyberhaven to your enterprise systems and SIEM

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Key features

Enterprise-grade features of our platform

When we set out to redefine DLP, we included the standard features you expect.

Out-of-the-box policy templates

Get started quickly with dozens of out of the box policies for common use cases and industry-specific requirements.

Privacy and obfuscation

Ensures sensitive information displayed in the dashboard is obfuscated based on user roles, safeguarding data privacy.

Reporting and analytics

Includes out-of-the box dashboards and a fully customizable reporting engine for advanced analytics.

Role-based access control

Includes standard out-of-the-box roles or create your own custom roles with any combination of permissions.

User directory support

Integrates with on-premises and cloud-based directory services to support granular user group and department based policies.

Built on open APIs

Natively integrates to SIEM tools and exposes incidents through an API so you can add them to any third-party security tool.

Tamper protection

Equips the endpoint agent with robust hardening measures, preventing tampering by malicious end users.

Platform security

Our cloud platform is fortified with industry-leading security standards, ensuring your data and operations remain protected.

Product categories

Three data security products in one

Consolidate tools and vendors

Combines three traditional tools in one experience that outperforms in each category.

One policy that applies everywhere

Apply standardized policies wherever data goes and simplify management.

More effective than the sum of its parts

Correlate user behavior and data awareness to focus on risks that actually matter.

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See our product in action

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