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Data security for technology companies

For companies that run on data, Cyberhaven protects what matters most: source code, customer data, product designs, and more.

How we help

Elevate your security program with Data Detection and Response

Policy-free visibility to build better security programs

Gain immediate, comprehensive visibility into data movement across your organization, empowering you to understand your risk landscape effectively. Build security programs with confidence, armed with actionable insights and the ability to deploy policies effortlessly.

Minimal business impact, maximum data security

Cyberhaven's lightweight agent and diverse range of policy enforcement options ensure that your valuable work and critical processes remain undisrupted. Seamlessly secure your source code, trade secrets, and customer data without sacrificing efficiency.

Comprehensive protection from customer data to source code

Combining content analysis with deep contextual understanding derived from data lineage, Cyberhaven empowers you to classify and safeguard any form of sensitive data. Whether it's customer data, source code, or other proprietary information, Cyberhaven ensures holistic protection of your data.

I've used traditional DLP technologies in the past and sometimes the noise-to-signal ratio can be a lot. The context Cyberhaven gives us has significantly improved our data protection, monitoring of data movement, and insider risk.

Prabhath Karanth
Global Head of Security & Trust
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