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Demystifying DLP: The Blueprint for DLP Program Success

Learn the essential elements of an effective DLP program.


Prabhath Karanth
VP, Global Head of Security & Trust, Navan
Chris Hodson
Chief Security Officer, Cyberhaven

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Learn the essential elements of an effective DLP program

Every year, companies spend billions of dollars building data loss prevention programs. However, without the right frameworks in place, this money can often go to waste. In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

The modern DLP landscape

Learn how the role of data loss prevention programs has expanded in the era of cloud and generative AI.

The scope of your DLP program

Understand the role and scope of your data loss prevention program within your organization, and whether there are other functions within your org that must play a role for success.

How to reduce end-user impact & friction

Identify the cultural impacts of DLP within your organization in order to avoid or address security fatigue across your workforce.

About the speakers

Prabhath Karanth

As the VP of Security and Trust at Navan, Prabhath leads a multifaceted organization that is responsible for ensuring the security and privacy of Navan's products, platforms, operations, and customers. Prabhath has more than 20 years of experience in leading global, cross-functional teams across hyper-growth startups, Fortune 100, and Big 4 consulting firms.

Chris Hodson

Chris Hodson is Chief Security Officer for Cyberhaven where he oversees all facets of security to protect Cyberhaven customers and employees. Prior to Cyberhaven, Hodson held cybersecurity leadership roles at Contentful, Tanium and Zscaler. In addition, Hodson is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Information Security and holds an MSc. in Cybersecurity from Royal Holloway University London. He is the author of Cyber Risk Management, a #1 Amazon bestseller.