Power to the creators

Restoring ownership and credit in the digital age

We want to live in a world where builders and innovators own what they make and get credit for it.

And everyone needs to be able to trust that the information they rely on is authentic.

Ownership is the mother of invention

Whether it's a new vaccine or a song, great things can happen when people maintain control over what they create and get to benefit from their work.

Cyberhaven protects data in any form, anywhere it goes. We’re able to track data from its origin and on each step in its journey. Because we’re better able to understand what data is important, we’re better able to protect it.

Data needs to flow. Safely.

Data: It's the heartbeat of our digital world. Independent creators, big businesses—we all rely on the constant rhythm of information helping us innovate, grow, and thrive. But ensuring this flow is also safe? That's a challenge. Traditional data security just can’t keep pace in this fast-evolving, dynamic landscape.

We’ve lost trust in what we see

The world has reached a turning point where truth and reality are no longer absolute. The advancement of technology, deep fakes, AI generated images and videos, and the theft of artwork, product designs, and other property have eroded our trust in what we see. This is a call to action to re-establish the foundation of truth and authenticity in our digital world.

Technology, for all its marvels, holds the potential to warp our perceptions. We need to be vigilant, to stop it from blurring the lines between genuine information and misinformation. It's on us to shine a light on this issue - to learn, to teach, and to champion a more transparent, accountable, and ethical digital landscape. Only then can we restore trust in what we see and secure a future where truth and reality are not distorted by technology.

Deep fakes

Generative AI has been used to create convincing audiovisual manipulations, often replacing individuals' faces in videos with those of others, thus raising concerns about the authenticity and potential misuse of media content.

Igniting creativity through ownership starts with protecting data

Unlocking creativity through ownership? We started with making sure your data is secure, whether it's parked in your servers or jet-setting across cloud applications and devices. We dove in headfirst, wrapping a protective shield around a company's crown jewels—those breakthrough product designs, the under-the-hood source code, and the invaluable customer data.

But we're not just about playing defense. Within the confines of your team, we're busy spotlighting the real creators. Because let's face it, we've all seen the office politician claim a victory lap for someone else's hard work. We're here to flip the script, making sure credit gets served where it's truly earned. Because when everyone gets their fair share of the limelight, that's when creativity really catches fire.

Join the movement

If you're driven by the desire to reshape the digital landscape, to safeguard the flow of data, and to empower creators worldwide, then we invite you to join us on this journey.

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