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Join us in our mission to transform data security and insider risk management

A new approach

Reimagine Insider Risk management and Data Loss Prevention

Cyberhaven is revolutionizing how companies protect their most important information from theft and misuse. Data lineage, a feature exclusive to Cyberhaven, traces data from its origin and everywhere it goes, providing the context we use to identify what data is important and complete visibility into data usage.

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Why partner with Cyberhaven?

Data security reimagined

Cyberhaven is pioneering the use of data lineage to better classify sensitive data and protect it from insider threats and accidental exposure.

Lower total cost of ownership

Cyberhaven’s approach to data security results in stronger data security with easier to set up and maintain policies - resulting in greater risk reduction for lower TCO.

Margins and incentives

Our goal is to be a 100% channel driven company, and we provide the margins and incentives to match this ambition.

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