Use case

Detect and stop risky behavior

Instantly detect when a user handles important data in a risky way and stop them in real time while coaching them.

Behavior + data classification

Accurately identify high-risk behavior involving sensitive data

Unusual behavior, like high upload volumes, can be indicative of suspicious behavior or be totally harmless. Cyberhaven looks at behavior in combination with what type of data is being handled to more accurately detect insider risks.

Tiered response

Automatically take action the moment an insider risk is detected

Cyberhaven takes instant, automated remediation action to stop risky behavior and coach users. The product has a full range of remediation options that can be tailored based on risk and data sensitivity.

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Block, with optional user override

Cyberhaven can block a risk action outright in real-time. Optionally, you can give the user the ability to override and continue by providing a business justification.

Coach users but don’t block

Cyberhaven policies can also be used to coach users without stopping them, in cases where the risk or data sensitivity may not be high enough to intervene.

Silently alert security to investigate

Rather than disturbing the workflow of an employee, you can also configure policies to trigger an alert that can be investigated within Cyberhaven or your SIEM/SOAR.

The top 15 Data Detection and Response use cases
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Slow burning incidents

Identify insider risks that unfold over weeks or months, not just hours

Cyberhaven stores a record of events indefinitely and the product can correlate events and detect risk patterns occurring weeks or months apart, which is how many incidents happen in the real world.

Risk scores

User risk scores that incorporate data sensitivity, not just behavior

Cyberhaven scores users not just on the actions they take but also what type of data is impacted. Risk scores also incorporate details about the user including watchlist membership and risk groups based on factors such as employee performance for a complete picture of a user’s risk.

Elevated remediation

Stepped up response actions for users with a history of risky activity

With Cyberhaven, you can add users with a history of risky behavior to a user group that has elevated remediation. Instead of responding based on the risk of a single incident, the product will apply elevated remediation such as blocking the risky action instead of just warning the user.

How it works

The magic behind Cyberhaven is data lineage

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