Use case

Stop data exfiltration anywhere

Block important data from leaving your control via cloud, web, email, removable storage, and more.

Complete coverage

One product to protect data across every exfiltration channel

Cyberhaven Data Detection and Response (DDR) makes it possible to stop exfiltration across all channels with one product and one set of policies.

Data lineage

Go beyond content inspection to more accurately classify data

Content alone isn’t the full picture. The product analyzes content patterns along with the entire lineage of a piece of data to better classify and protect it.

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Classify any type of sensitive data

Cyberhaven classifies any type of data, even without a content pattern (for example, credit card numbers) or any text content at all.

Reduce false positives by 95%

Data lineage removes false positives created by common content patterns by layering in additional context.

The top 15 Data Detection and Response use cases
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Granular control

Control data movement at the most granular level

Many data security products focus on data in files. They scan content in files and apply tags/labels to files. Cyberhaven tracks and protects every piece of sensitive data, even as it’s copied between files or apps where traditional tools lose track of it.

Obfuscated data

Protect data obscured by encryption and compression

Cyberhaven tracks what type of data was encrypted or compressed, so even after the data itself cannot be scanned you can track it and protect it from exfiltration.

Advanced cloud support

Control usage of certificate pinned and end-to-end encrypted applications

Certificate pinning and end-to-end encryption are two advances in network security that have rendered CASB and web proxy approaches to data security completely ineffective on commonly used applications like Dropbox and Whatsapp. DDR enforces controls on the device itself, protecting data before visibility is lost.

How it works

The magic behind Cyberhaven is data lineage

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See our product in action

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