Exfiltration channel

Cyberhaven for email

Block important data from leaving your control via email, whether a recipient or sending via a personal account.

The challenges securing email usage

Email is the foundation of employee communication and collaboration and poses unique operational challenges when it comes to controlling data exfiltration.

Operational inefficiencies and overhead

Operating a stand-alone email DLP adds overhead due to management of email gateways and configuration and response to policies in multiple tools.

Detecting and controlling risky emails to external domains

Businesses have legitimate reasons to share sensitive data with third-parties such as customers, partners, and vendors –complicating data security measures for email.

Educating employees on appropriate use

Out-of-band employee education on appropriate usage of email is ineffective at improving security outcomes for your company.


Control the flow of data via email with simple, powerful policies

Cyberhaven makes it possible to define incredibly simple policies that prevent your sensitive data from flowing to the wrong email recipient or even personal email accounts employees access of work devices.

Test policies on historical data to quickly preview and iterate

Cyberhaven maintains a complete record of every user action for every piece of data. When editing a policy, you can see how it would apply to historical data to quickly make any adjustments without deploying it in production and waiting for results and complaints.

Granular control

Enforce different policies for personal and corporate accounts

Cyberhaven provides granular visibility and control to allow appropriate use of corporate email accounts, while preventing potential leaks via personal accounts employees access and send from.

Educate your workforce

Take real-time action to protect data and educate users on the right behavior

When data is at risk instantly take action and surface a message to the user educating them on company policy and redirect them to approved alternatives.

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How it works

The magic behind Cyberhaven is data lineage

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Complete coverage

One product to protect data across every exfiltration channel

Cyberhaven Data Detection and Response (DDR) makes it possible to stop exfiltration across all channels with one product and one set of policies.

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