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Modern data security for law firms

Cyberhaven is transforming how law firms protect their data while getting things done for their clients.

How we help

Secure your client’s data without getting in the way of business

Traditional data loss prevention tools fail to protect important data, block normal activity, and use outdated technology that makes life painful for administrators and end users.

Protect client privacy and enforce ethical walls

Every document and communication associated with your clients demands the utmost level of confidentiality, even as it circulates within your firm. Cyberhaven empowers you to implement rigorous policies and controls to ensure the protection of client privacy.

Prevent honest mistakes like sending documents to the wrong destination

Legal professionals work long hours often for many clients at once. Cyberhaven provides the granular control needed to secure your data against mistakes that can compromise client trust and ruin your firm’s reputation.

Flexible security that doesn’t block work

In the fast-paced legal world, teams work against tight deadlines and field strange requests from clients and judges. Cyberhaven offers teams a range of policy enforcement options to help find the right balance between security and productivity.

There’s a shift away from simply reporting to enabling transparency. We want to know everything. We want you to be transparent. We don’t want you to hide anything back. Cyberhaven is a tool in the toolbox that enables organizations to do that.

Arlan McMillan
Chief Security Officer
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