Use case

Understand how data flows

See what systems store different types of data and how data moves within the company to new places and people.

Data discovery

Identify where data is stored and who has copies of it

Cyberhaven Data Detection and Response (DDR) tracks the usage and movement of corporate data—revealing unknown data, applications, and storage locations. With this insight, security teams are better prepared to have a risk-based conversation about policy with the business.

Granular tracking

Track data, not just files

Data that’s in a file can be copied to another file or application (leaving behind any classification tags) and an increasing amount of corporate data lives in cloud applications where there are no files. Cyberhaven tracks data at a granular level, regardless of whether it’s in a file or not.

See the complete journey of any piece of data within your company

Cyberhaven tracks every piece of data within your company from origin through every step it takes. You can drill down and see the history of a specific piece of data, or a specific type of data, and follow it from person to person and from application to application.


The top 15 Data Detection and Response use cases

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Coverage for all assets

Track data between cloud and devices and between clouds

Data can pass through more than one type of asset so to fully understand data movement you need more than a point solution. Cyberhaven tracks data across cloud applications, computers, email, messaging, file servers, and more.

How it works

The magic behind Cyberhaven is data lineage

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What makes us different

Cyberhaven reveals data movement and risk like no one else

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See our product in action

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