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Data security for the modern manufacturer

Cyberhaven is transforming how manufacturing companies protect their designs while bringing products to market.

How we help

Secure your designs without getting in the way

Today’s manufacturing companies need a security tool that can protect their competitive edge while keeping up with the pace of the modern global supply chain.

Protect data without using file tags

Cyberhaven utilizes context, like where data was created and who created it, to determine sensitivity - letting you protect CAD files and other sensitive IP without file tags.

Understand work patterns and repositories of sensitive data

Cyberhaven provides out-of-the-box visibility into the movement and usage of all corporate data, helping you craft better policies based on where sensitive data is stored and how teams collaborate internally and externally across the globe.

Flexible security that doesn’t block work

Cyberhaven’s approach to data classification drastically reduces false positives compared to legacy approaches, helping teams balance security and productivity.

Staying ahead of the competition means guarding against insider threats. Cyberhaven gives us visibility into how data flows within our company and stops insider threats in real time.

Richard Rushing
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