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Why Cyberhaven Is the Only Day Zero DLP Solution Available for macOS Big Sur

How to keep your data safe without worrying about the OS

The upcoming release of macOS 11.0 Big Sur marks one of the biggest updates to Apple’s iconic operating system in years. And while there are plenty of shiny new features in store, Big Sur also comes with potential headaches for IT and security teams, specifically in terms of support for their DLP products.

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Big Sur Nixes The Old DLP Model

  • What's Changing

    Apple is no longer allowing 3rd party applications to use kernel extensions or KEXTs, which allow applications to run inside the OS kernel.

  • Results From The Update

    No more crashes and compatibility problems and will help close security gaps that could be exposed by hackers.

  • A Problem For Old DLP Models

    If users or IT teams accidentally schedule the OS upgrade before their DLP vendors update, the affected devices will likely lose DLP protections.

Cyberhaven: User Space From The Beginning

  • Better Stability and Compatibility For users

    Cyberhaven’s user space architecture avoids the crashes and bluescreens that have dogged DLP tools for years. Additionally, Cyberhaven avoids the conflicts created when multiple agents are running in the kernel.

  • Less Work For IT and Security Teams

    Cyberhaven is not only ready for Big Sur, but is naturally more compatible with future OS updates and changes. Instead of worrying about each new OS release, enterprise teams can know that their DLP will just work.

  • Better Performance Using a Unique Approach Based On Data Tracing

    Traditional DLP is often a significant performance drain on the endpoint. The problem could worsen as they are forced to move to user space. Cyberhaven’s unique approach allows for a much more lightweight approach to the agent, which keeps the system impact to less than 0.1% of CPU usage.

  • User Space Support For Windows

    Cyberhaven provides the same benefits for the Windows operating system as well. This also means that customers will be ready if Microsoft follows suit and restricts 3rd party applications’ kernel access in the future.

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