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Harnessing AI Safely: Strategies for Mitigating Data Risks

Explore AI's impact on data security: Learn to manage risks of corporate data becoming public training data, harmful AI-generated content, and exposed 'dark data' in your company.

Abhi Puranam
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Chris Saucier
Solutions Architect

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Harnessing AI Safely: Strategies for Mitigating Data Risks

As businesses adopt generative AI to drive innovation and efficiency, understanding the potential security risks is paramount. This session will provide insights into the business risks posed by AI, focusing on three challenges: unintended data exposure through AI, the introduction of risky AI-generated content, and the exposure of 'dark data' within companies.

Unintended data exposure through AI

AI tools can utilize user input as part of their training data, potentially leading to exposure by other users and companies if data is sent to the wrong tools.

The introduction of risky AI-generated content

AI generated content can be useful and improve employee productivity, but inaccuracies in AI-generated text or vulnerabilities in AI-generated code can pose a risk to your business.

The exposure of 'dark data' within companies

A new class of AI tools is emerging that utilize Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to enable employee productivity and knowledge. This new technology can lead to the unintended and unwanted internal exposure of company data.