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CISO Series: Decoding Cybersecurity Language

Learn how to decode cybersecurity language to improve risk assessment.

Chris Hodson
Chief Security Officer, Cyberhaven
Adam Shostack
Threat Modeling Expert

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Decoding Cybersecurity Language

A Practical Guide to Threat Modeling and Risk Management

What can Star Wars teach us about building secure systems? Find out in the next installment of the Cyberhaven CISO Series. Adam and Chris will discuss decoding cybersecurity language, how to use threat modeling to improve risk assessment practices, and how to protect your organization from cyber threats using lessons from Star Wars.

The Language of Cybersecurity

How to communicate complex concepts to a broad audience.

Threat Modeling

We'll discuss threat modeling, when and where to apply it in the software development lifecycle, frameworks like STRIDE, and evaluating models.

Risk Management

How to use threat modeling to improve risk management practices and prioritization of resources.

About the speakers

Adam Shostack, Threat Modeling Expert

Adam Shostack is a technologist, entrepreneur, and game designer. He has decades of experience delivering security. His experience ranges across the business world from founding startups to nearly a decade at Microsoft. One of the world’s leading experts on threat modeling, he wrote Threat Modeling: Designing for Security and Threats: What Every Engineer Should Learn from Star Wars.

Chris Hodson, Chief Security Officer, Cyberhaven

Chris Hodson is Chief Security Officer for Cyberhaven where he oversees all facets of security to protect Cyberhaven customers and employees. Prior to Cyberhaven, Hodson held cybersecurity leadership roles at Contentful, Tanium and Zscaler. In addition, Hodson is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Information Security and holds an MSc. in Cybersecurity from Royal Holloway University London. He is the author of Cyber Risk Management, a #1 Amazon bestseller.