Demystifying Data Protection: An In-depth Guide to DLP and Data Security

Your guide to the objectives, metrics, policies, and procedures required to run an effective data protection program.

Your blueprint to DLP program success

In this guide we demystify DLP to distill the basics of DLP program development. Learn the essentials required to create scalable data security and data protection programs.

DLP objectives, demystified.

Data protection initiatives, like DLP often fail because of lack of alignment with the business. Learn how you can build a DLP program that puts business objectives first.

DLP metrics, demystified.

DLP programs often fail to mature because they often chase the wrong metrics. Learn how you can kickstart your DLP program by measuring what matters.

DLP best practices, demystified

Modern data security requires your people, controls, and processes to work in tandem. We'll give you the blueprint to build your DLP program the right way.

I've used traditional DLP technologies in the past and sometimes the noise-to-signal ratio can be a lot. The context Cyberhaven gives us has significantly improved our data protection, monitoring of data movement, and insider risk.
Prabhath Karanth
VP and Global Head of Security & Trust, Navan