Lack of employee awareness, cloud apps, and NOW remote workers create perfect storm for insider attacks

Organizations cite growing interest in data behavior analytics (DaBA) to protect high-value data from insider threats

The 2020 Insider Threat Report reveals the latest trends and challenges facing organizations in this new environment, how IT and security professionals are dealing with risky insiders, and how organizations are preparing to better protect their critical data and IT infrastructure.

Key findings include:

  • Lack of employee training and awareness (58%),insufficient data protection strategies and solutions (51%), increasing number of devices with access to sensitive data (51%) are the leading contribution to insider threats

  • Organizations experience a variety of challenges with current tools such as DLP, including difficulty to keep policies up to date at the rate of business needs (27%), limited data/file visibility (25%), and too many false positives (23%).

See why Data Behavior Analytics can help you protect critical assets from Insider Threats.

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