Top 3 security challenges for manufacturing

With uncertain times ahead, there is insufficient funding to modernize and address the mounting security issues in manufacturing. Global instability increases employee fears of job loss and leads to unscrupulous behavior.

According to Deloitte Manufacturing Cyber Risk Report, 35% say protecting Intellectual Property is the top concern. How can you protect your valuable crown jewels from careless and malicious Insider Threats?

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Join Arun DeSouza, CISO of Nexteer Automotive, and Cyberhaven's VP of Marketing, Mary Roark, as we review the state of security in manufacturing. The webinar will address the top 3 security challenges for manufacturing:

  • Risk assessments

    Where to start?

  • Insider Threats on the rise

    How to look for them?

  • Lacking tools of the trade

    What do I need to get started?

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