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Insider threat detection and prevention

Real-time analysis of data flows reveals which users are exposing high-value data to risky destinations, when/how they are doing it, and how they acquired the sensitive data in the first place.

Why DLP fails to detect and prevent insider threats

  • Limited visibility

    Limited to egress events only, lacks context about the data’s origin and cannot track data across different data silos such as file shares and SaaS environments.

  • Simple to evade

    Malicious insiders can easily evade content inspection by copy/pasting data into encrypted applications, saving data in unsupported formats, or hiding files in protected zip archives.

  • Missing intent

    Missing key information such as classification of exfiltrated data and file history to identify the risk severity and user intentions.

Cyberhaven’s approach

  • Complete visibility

    Cyberhaven monitors and controls the flow of sensitive data through SaaS apps, endpoints, and email, starting from creation through egress.

  • Protocol- and network-independent

    No need for SPAN port, Network Tap, ICAP, or proxies. Sees insiders regardless of network segment and even if no network traffic is involved, such as saving content to a USB.

  • Insight into traditional blindspots

    Detects insider threats regardless of application and data encryption or evasion attempts.

What can Cyberhaven do for you?

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