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July 9, 2020

The next chapter in the Cyberhaven story

We started Cyberhaven with the mission to enable enterprises to protect their data and the data of their customers from breaches.

We started Cyberhaven with the mission to enable enterprises to protect their data and the data of their customers from breaches. We envisioned a cyber world where enterprises could exist in safe cyber havens and focus on delivering value to their customers rather than fighting cyber wars. We’re incredibly proud of how far we came along on our journey. For me, as one of the company’s founders, nothing beats seeing our product stop real breaches at some of the largest companies and government agencies — including the one responsible for the birth of the Internet itself.

When experiencing our technology at work, some of our customers call it magic. In fact, it’s not magic but real science that works. Founded by a team of 5 PhDs from the world’s best universities and based on cutting-edge academic research, our company has technology innovation at its very core. With the help of our incredible early adopters and design partners, we packaged this innovation in a product that stands out not only in its effectiveness but also in how easy it is to deploy and operate in today’s increasingly complex enterprise security environments.


From day one, we knew that building a great company requires more than technology innovation. My founders and I have planned from the very beginning to complement our super-star technology team with an equally strong business talent, at the right time. And today, we’re thrilled to finally announce that a world-class business leader is joining our company as the new CEO. We’re welcoming Howard Ting, an experienced executive who was instrumental in shaping Palo Alto Networks and Nutanix into billion-dollar businesses. Howard shares our founders’ passion for innovation and vision of solving the world’s toughest enterprise security problems. He brings the experience and leadership our company needs as we’re continuing our journey, and is the type of socially conscious leader we want to rally behind.

Being a technologist at heart, I look forward to stepping into a CTO & CPO role at Cyberhaven and once again having a more direct impact on the technical innovations, research, and product at Cyberhaven. I’m also looking forward to spending more time with our visionary customers and partners to better understand the security and operational challenges they’re facing every day, as well as the engineers who make Cyberhaven possible.


Our company’s next step is helping many more enterprises to solve data security, expanding from early adopters to a broader market. If you share our belief that data security must be invisible and dynamically self-adaptable to the way people work — with SaaS, BYOD, and remote work forming the environment in which our data percolates  — please reach out to us to see a demo!

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