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Data and IP protection for pharma and biotech

Biotech and pharmaceutical firms must protect some of the most high-value data in the world, including research and clinical trial data, proprietary formulas, drug simulation models, and manufacturing processes as well as patient Protected Health Information (PHI).

Cyberhaven lets pharma and biotech firms protect all of these sensitive assets reliably and efficiently. Regulated data is automatically found and classified based on provenance and content. Every user data action is tracked, ensuring staff have a full auditable history of all critical data across networks, storage, and endpoints, or in the cloud.

Problems we solve

Sample data flow

The scenario

Alice, a staff researcher working on Phase III clinical trials of a COVID-19 vaccine, was approached through GLG by a business development manager working for a competitor, who offered a substantial amount of money for “just a copy.” Alice, buried in college debt, accepted. On her return to the lab, she found a file named export.csv on the lab’s shared Box folder that had been exported from the Medidata Rave EDC by research director Mike to run regression analysis. Alice copied export.csv to her desktop and saved it to a USB drive to give the competitor.

Cyberhaven solution

Cyberhaven detected exfiltration of clinical trials data to removable media. The data was traced when Mike exported it from Medidata Rave EDC and when Alice copied it to her desktop. When she saved the file to a USB drive, Cyberhaven knew the file contained clinical trial data from Medidata Rave EDC and raised an alert.

Cyberhaven solution
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Why customers love Cyberhaven

“We found Cyberhaven to be light-years better than other DLP solutions. Its simplicity and effectiveness has exceeded our expectations, especially for tracking and protecting clinical trial data.”

VP of Information Security Top 50 Biotechnology Company