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If you can’t trace data, you can’t protect it.

Cyberhaven automatically traces all files and their copies and derivatives as data sprawls throughout the organization.

  • Complete lifecycle

    Trace across endpoints, file servers, email, cloud apps, and removable media to find all derivatives, see the complete data lineage, and drill into each interaction during the data’s lifetime.

  • Minimally invasive

    Tracing is transparent for users and apps because data is never modified or physically tagged. Endpoint sensor is lightweight (consuming 0.1% of CPU), runs in user space for KEXTless deployment, and is privacy-aware to alleviate concerns from end users.

  • Powerful visualizations

    With a few clicks, see the big picture of your data flows at a glance, or drill deeply into suspect data flows and inspect all metadata associated with each step in the data journey to reveal user intent and behavioral patterns.

In their own words

“As someone who witnessed the rapid rise of the CASB market from the front row, I believe Cyberhaven's ability to trace data movements across SaaS apps and endpoints, regardless of encryption or content patterns, is a true breakthrough in enterprise data protection.”

Kamal Shah, CEO StackRox

What actions
are traced?

  • Upload / Download
  • Send / Receive emails or IM
  • Open, edit, copy, move, or rename
  • Archive, embed, or convert
  • Encrypt / Decrypt
  • Copy and paste
  • Share in SaaS apps
  • Take screenshots

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