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If you buy DLP products just for compliance, you may want to look elsewhere.

Cyberhaven protects your sensitive data in known and unknown locations at all times with escalating policy enforcement options.

  • Precision policies

    Easily configure policies that automatically follow data and all its derivatives to known and unknown locations in the enterprise, and instantly preview policy results on historical data.

  • Non-disruptive

    Protection policies run out-of-band to avoid disrupting user workflows and creating unnecessary friction and lost productivity.

  • Pre-egress protection

    Quickly identify risks based on data hoarding and anomalous behaviors to stop exfiltration before it is attempted.

In their own words

“Cyberhaven has provided unprecedented visibility to employee activities so that we can protect our intellectual property and customer data.”

Behzad Behtash, IT Director Willdan

We protect your most valuable data.

  • Hard IP

    • Source code
    • Designs
    • Schematics
    • Test results
    • Rich media content
  • Soft IP

    • Financial results
    • Board minutes
    • Legal documents
    • Partnership agreements
    • Strategic plans
    • Consulting reports
    • Business, pricing models
  • Regulated data

    • PII, PCI, PHI
    • Credit cards
    • Banking info
    • Names
    • Addresses

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