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Simple, powerful IP protection and tracking for manufacturing

Manufacturing businesses are a nexus of proprietary information from suppliers, partners, and customers, and according to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, internal errors and abuses now account for more breaches than malware.

Cyberhaven easily protects any type of content without requiring manual classification or introducing friction into the supply chain. Teams can audit and control the flow of sensitive data and proactively identify risky data sharing events and users. With Cyberhaven, organizations can prevent leaks, mistakes, and industrial espionage, all without disrupting the flow of legitimate work.

Problems we solve

Sample data flow

The scenario

Mike was scrambling to close an end-of-quarter deal and decided to take a shortcut. He asked his friend Joe in design to share the early previews of an unreleased product. Joe opened an AutoCAD file from the shared drive Prototypes and rendered it as an image, then emailed it to Mike who sent it to a prospect using WhatsApp in hopes of closing the deal — violating the company policy and putting the rendering at risk of being publicly exposed before the release.

Cyberhaven solution

Cyberhaven detected exfiltration of unreleased product designs to personal instant messaging. Cyberhaven traced the entire data journey from when Joe downloaded an AutoCAD file from the Prototypes drive, through all the intermmediate steps. When Mike tried to send the file over WhatsApp, Cyberhaven knew it contained unreleased product designs and raised an alert.

Cyberhaven solution
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Why customers love Cyberhaven

“Cyberhaven included the detail to show intent so we could act to stop the malicious insider threats.”

Richard Rushing CISO, Motorola