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Data protection and auditing for financial services

In 2021, the average cost of a data breach in the financial sector was $5.72 million. Today, firms must protect financial records, customer Personally Identifiable Information (PII), source code, trading models, actuarial tables, and a wide variety of intellectual property.

Cyberhaven automatically finds and classifies all sensitive data without manual classification or tagging, and every user’s data action is tracked and analyzed for risk.

Problems we solve

Sample data flow

The scenario

Jenny, a data scientist, was offered a new job and wanted to impress her new employer by using her current employer’s algorithmic trading model to kick-start a new project. She checked out the algorithm from GitHub, archived the code in a zip file, added a password, and renamed it. She then uploaded the file to her personal Google Drive account.

Cyberhaven solution

Cyberhaven detected exfiltration of source code to personal cloud storage. The data was traced when Jenny checked it out from GitHub and archived, encrypted, and renamed it. When she tried uploading the file to Google Drive, Cyberhaven knew the file contained proprietary code from a private repository and raised an alarm.

Cyberhaven solution
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What they're saying about Cyberhaven

“Cyberhaven has brought a unique and effective approach to modernizing enterprise data protection, which got me excited enough to become an early investor.”

Andy Brown Former Head of Enterprise Technology Strategy and Architecture, Bank of America