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How Data Detection and
Response works

Data Detection and Response transforms how enterprises protect their data from insider threats and accidental exposure. Here’s how it works.

Deploy Cyberhaven across your cloud and devices

Cyberhaven Sentry collects events as data moves throughout your company and can take real-time action to protect your data from theft, misuse, and exposure.

Three deployment modes that together give full visibility and control over data

In the cloud-first, hybrid work world, traditional security tools that rely on the network to gain visibility and control no longer work. We developed a new approach for how we work today.

Cloud API connectors

Cyberhaven connects to your sanctioned applications like Office 365 and Google Workspace to get visibility into content created and shared natively in the cloud.

Modern, lightweight endpoint agent

No, seriously. Our agent is designed from scratch to utilize modern operating system APIs and securely perform processing in the cloud so it doesn’t slow down devices or crash them.

Browser extension

Supports all major browsers and collects telemetry for web-based cloud applications not available from other sources.

Our architectural approach covers data and users that traditional security tools can’t

Contractors and partners interacting with your data in the cloud

Employees working remotely off your network and not using VPN

Data exfiltrated to apps that use end-to-end encryption and certificate pinning

Cyberhaven records every event for every piece of data

These are just a few examples of the events we record for every piece of data:

Export report from app
Upload file to cloud app
Copy/paste content
Send via AirDrop
Attach file to email
Compress data in ZIP file
Convert file to other format
And more...
Correlate signals to understand and track data

Cyberhaven Graph automatically builds a lineage for every piece of data and continuously updates it as new events happen to track data everywhere it goes.

We bring order to billions of events to calculate the lineage of every piece of data

As data moves throughout your company, from person to person and application to application, it fragments and gets combined with other data. We calculate the lineage for every piece of data starting with its origin through every step it takes.

Data lineage reveals a lot about the data and its importance

We can infer a lot about a piece of data based on where it originated, how it was handled, and the people who added to it without ever looking at its content.

Where it originated

Whether the customer database in Snowflake, the source code repository in Github, or the product design in Figma, different types of data originate different places.

How it was handled

Data moves in recognizable ways, passing through the board meeting site in SharePoint, the client documents folder in Google Drive, or the employee offer letter account in DocuSign.

Who added to it

Different employees produce different work, from researchers who develop drug formulas, to designers working on new products, to accountants who compile financial results.

Content analysis adds to our understanding of the data

We extract text content present in the data and perform optical character recognition (OCR) on images to pull additional text content. Cyberhaven includes out-of-the-box content identifiers for common forms of PII, PCI, and PHI along with the ability to define your own patterns using regular expressions.

Define and enforce your data security policies

Cyberhaven Policies allow you to define what is risky for your organization, enforce actions to protect data, and educate your workforce in real time.

Define risk levels based on the type of data and the type of behavior

Cyberhaven data lineage makes it possible to define incredibly simple policies and get better results with fewer false positives than policies based on content analysis alone.

Enforce acceptable use policies and block data exfiltration

Take action to protect data across all major exfiltration channels including web, sharing via corporate email and apps, personal email, personal apps, AirDrop, and USB devices.

Display a popup message to educate users when they engage in risky behavior

Cyberhaven can show a real-time message educating the user whenever they do something risky, which is more effective than notifying them via email or Slack.

Respond to incidents and perform investigations

Cyberhaven Incident Response provides a workflow to quickly investigate incidents with the full context of what happened to quickly understand user intent.

Analysts see the full history of a piece of data to understand the user’s intent

Cyberhaven provides analysts the complete data lineage showing how a piece of data moved throughout the organization and the events leading up to attempted exfiltration.

Everything else analysts need to quickly understand a potential incident
Screen capture and forensic file capture

Optionally, you can capture screenshots of a user’s device in the 30 seconds before an incident to better understand what happened along with the file itself to review its contents

Forensic-level events without physical access to a device

Cyberhaven captures and displays events related to a user or a piece of data that until now has only been available with physical access to image a device.

Review Cyberhaven incidents in your SIEM/SOAR or any third-party tool

Cyberhaven has native integration to SIEMs such as Splunk and also exposes incidents through an API so you can pull Cyberhaven incidents into any third-party security tool for review using your existing incident response workflow.

Seeing is Believing

The best way to understand the magic of Cyberhaven is to see a live product demo.