January 10, 2024
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The Top 5 Forcepoint DLP Alternatives and Competitors in 2024

Forcepoint data loss prevention is a legacy solution that is well known for its broad data protection coverage for SaaS platforms, networks, and servers via different products under the Forcepoint One umbrella. However, Forcepoint is not a tool without tradeoffs. If you’re researching endpoint DLP, here are five best alternatives you should consider.

Forcepoint DLP Alternatives

1. Cyberhaven (best overall)

Cyberhaven is a cloud-native data detection and response solution, combining traditional endpoint data loss prevention with incident response capabilities in order to empower cybersecurity teams to discover and detect not just individual instances of real-time sensitive data exposure within applications, but the end user activity leading up to these incidents. Cyberhaven classifies content in files and monitors all file events taking place on a user’s system, allowing for automatic logging and intervention any time a user takes prohibited actions (like downloading or emailing) on files from sensitive sources or containing sensitive information like intellectual property. This approach results in far fewer false positives when compared to traditional DLP, as content inspection when combined with file metadata provides greater context into user behavior.

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2. (Broadcom) Symantec DLP

Symantec Data Loss Prevention is a robust data loss prevention solution that offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity tools aimed at protecting sensitive information. The platform excels in its ability to prevent, detect, and respond to potential data loss across various endpoints, such as email, web browsers, and USB devices. Leveraging advanced behavioral analytics, Symantec DLP effectively identifies and classifies sensitive data in real-time, offering enhanced data security through its focus on prevention. Its intuitive user interface and integration capabilities with other security solutions, including encryption, access rights management, and cloud security solutions, further enhance its data protection features. Despite this, it's somewhat time-consuming to deploy, requiring lots of labor to tune. It can additionally be very resource intensive and might be better suited to be managed by large security teams.

3. Trellix (formerly McAfee DLP)

Trellix DLP is a robust security solution, designed to excel in data protection across various environments such as endpoints, cloud storage, and mobile devices. Leveraging advanced technology, it offers comprehensive protection against data leakage and exfiltration risks associated with apps and other digital workflows. Users can easily implement common security policies across all channels, ensuring a unified approach to safeguarding company data, a critical feature in today’s interconnected business landscape​. The software’s real-time scanning capabilities, support for encryption and decryption, and forensic analysis tools, including data fingerprinting, further enhance its security suite. These features, together with a centralized reporting engine, allow for precise tracking and management of data usage.

4. Safetica

Safetica One is a DLP solution that can be deployed on-premise and remotely install agents on employee devices when configured. It has data auditing & classification functionality, as well as insider threat protection, and SIEM integration support. This highly functional platform is acclaimed for its effective workflow management, capabilities for seamless collaboration, and impressive integration options. Users appreciate Safetica’s reliable documentation and reporting features, including its robust access control management. The software’s real-time scanning and automated self-checks provide comprehensive protection against malicious network attacks and malware, thereby significantly enhancing data security.

5. Microsoft Purview

Microsoft Purview DLP is a comprehensive, cloud-based data loss prevention solution offering robust capabilities in preventing data breaches, data leaks, and data theft. It seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products and Azure, providing excellent visibility into data governance. This integration is particularly effective for reducing response time to insider threats, thereby enhancing the security of file transfers across various devices. As a DLP endpoint solution, Purview is praised for its user-friendly interface, easy configuration, and supportive community, making it a popular choice among Microsoft and Windows-centric organizations.

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