March 18, 2024
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The Top 5 DTEX Alternatives and Competitors 2024

DTEX Systems is a veteran in the cybersecurity industry, having been founded way back in 2000. DTEX primarily provides insider threat and data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities through its DTEX InTERCEPT platform, making it a commonly evaluated choice for organizations looking to streamline endpoint protection and zero trust data security. However, DTEX isn’t a solution without tradeoffs. If you’re researching endpoint DLP or insider threat management, here are the five best alternative cybersecurity solutions you should consider.

DTEX Insider Risk Management Alternatives

1. Cyberhaven (best overall)

Cyberhaven is a robust cloud-based solution that revolutionizes data security by seamlessly integrating traditional endpoint data loss prevention with advanced incident detection capabilities. As a data-aware insider threat detection platform, Cyberhaven combines intelligence about data ingress and egress with end-user behavior analytics to accurately detect and prevent real threats. Cyberhaven leverages cloud APIs as well as an agent on the device and in the browser to provide unparalleled accuracy in identifying whether real-time user activity violates security policies on endpoints or in SaaS apps. 

Cyberhaven efficiently identifies content and files and meticulously monitors all data-related events on a user's system, ensuring automatic logging and immediate intervention whenever prohibited actions, such as downloading or emailing sensitive files, are detected. This proactive approach enables automatic remediation and prevention of incidents, empowering organizations to address security threats and protect their sensitive information and intellectual property. With Cyberhaven, organizations can elevate their data security strategies, effectively combating data breaches, leaks, and insider threats.

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2. Trellix (formerly McAfee DLP)

Trellix is the result of a merger between FireEye and McAfee’s enterprise software business. Trellix offers four core products under its name: Trellix DLP Endpoint, Trellix DLP Monitor, Trellix DLP Discover, and Trellix DLP Prevent. Each lets you conduct data discovery on endpoints, networks, on-premise data stores, cloud storage (like Dropbox), or emails and web gateways for the types of data you want to protect using features like content fingerprinting. These features are all bundled together in Trellix Complete Data Protection which allows you to manage automation workflows for these services through its ePolicy Orchestrator.

3. Digital Guardian

Digital Guardian delivers enterprise data protection capabilities, which include reorganizing access rights, discovering and categorizing sensitive data, managing file access, controlling data exfiltration channels, and monitoring endpoint and network security. It offers data loss prevention features, flexible deployment options, and the ability to monitor data transfer across various vectors to reduce an organization’s attack surface. Its data discovery and classification features are useful for compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, and it offers a unique approach to file tagging. However, the solution also has its drawbacks. Its high price point, software conflicts leading to false positives, and frequent software updates that sometimes cause additional issues have been criticized. Some users have also noted high computational demands on systems, a user interface that can be slow and complex to navigate, particularly for admins, lack of support for fingerprinting in its Endpoint DLP, and compatibility issues with Windows 10.

4. Forcepoint

Forcepoint One is a data loss prevention (DLP) solution that offers capabilities in securing data, both at rest and in transit. With its fingerprinting functionality and robust data discovery features, it provides visibility and control over data, which are significant assets for security teams to empower security operations and mitigate cyberattacks impacting data. The software is flexible when it comes to managing violations of data loss prevention policies and offers seamless coverage for DLP needs with pre-defined policies and easy policy deployment. Notably, the software also boasts risk-adaptive protection based on user behavior and OCR capabilities for detecting data from images. However, while Forcepoint One is widely appreciated for its features, it also comes with a few limitations. Some users have reported difficulties in deploying the software on multiple servers, and the initial setup is not that straightforward. There are also suggestions for improving its machine learning techniques, data discovery capabilities, and user interface, which some users find rough and occasionally unresponsive. The software's connectivity is not always secure, and the fingerprinting feature can sometimes be too sensitive. Furthermore, while Forcepoint One provides excellent DLP coverage, its regulatory compliance features for industries like healthcare are reported to be limited. Lastly, the solution is described as being pricey with an additional cost for professional support.

5. Code42

Code42's Incydr platform offers a solution for insider risk management and response, specifically tailored to address the challenges of insider threats and file exfiltration in remote work environments. It can provide visibility into employee activities and potential intellectual property theft or file exposure. With features like monitoring of file events, AI-powered analysis of user behavior, and integration with various systems, Incydr offers a set of UEBA-like capabilities for detecting and mitigating data risks. However, some users have encountered challenges with the distribution process and data filtering, which can impact the ease of implementation and customization. Nonetheless, Code42's focus on detecting and responding to data theft or active exfiltration events positions Incydr as a valuable tool for organizations looking to enhance their data security measures and protect sensitive information.

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