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Data discovery and protection in modern enterprises

Cyberhaven analyzes all your data flows and automatically builds a map of all your sensitive content, even in places you didn’t know to look.

Limitations of traditional data classification

  • Highly inaccurate

    Pattern-based rules leave large amounts of data unclassified and lead to false positives and false negatives.

  • Too manual

    Depends on users and staff to tag and retag files as they are created or updated. If users don’t do the work, the solution fails.

  • Incomplete

    Only attempts to identify sensitive data on egress but has limited ability to find data and identify risk proactively before egress.

  • Privacy risks

    All files are scanned regardless of origin and often stored on company servers, increasing regulatory risks and adding compliance overhead.

Cyberhaven’s approach

Automated discovery

Instead of forcing users to do the work of classification or relying on brittle patterns, sit back and watch as Cyberhaven automatically discovers and classifies all of your data, including copies and derivatives, by analyzing where it's coming from and who created it, how it's shared, and what its content is.

  • Data provenance

    Where did this data originate? Was it a shared folder named Legal Docs or from our Git bucket on Gitlab?

  • User and owner context

    Which user or group created this data? Who uploaded it to this location?

  • Content inspection

    Does this data contain PII or PHI or our future product names? Is this data a specific file type?

What can Cyberhaven do for you?

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