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The next big thing in data security

Data Detection and Response finds and follows your sensitive data anywhere it goes to protect it like never before.

We reimagined data security for the cloud-first, hybrid work world

Cyberhaven protects important data that other tools can’t see, from threats they can’t detect, across exfiltration vectors they can’t control.

Content isn’t the full picture
To identify important data we use content + data lineage

DLP tools look for keywords or patterns, but just as important is where the data has been. We use both to identify data that DLP tools can’t and minimize false positives.

Data doesn’t remain at rest or in file
To protect data in motion and in use we track it at the most granular level

Data classification tools tag files, and DLP tools scan data at rest, but can’t follow data copied out of a file or between apps. We track every fragment of data everywhere it goes.

Behavior is just one signal
To detect insider threats we use behavior + data intelligence

Insider threat tools look at frequency of behavior or volume of data, but data sensitivity is often more important. We detect threats based on what they did with what data.

Encryption masks cloud data loss
To prevent data going to unsanctioned apps we stop it on the device

SWGs and CASBs can’t decrypt SSL traffic to cloud apps that use end-to-end encryption or certificate pinning. We stop data exfiltration to these apps before data is encrypted and sent.

Data Detection and Response Use Cases

One product to protect any data across every exfiltration channel:
  • Direct sharing from corporate cloud apps
  • Direct emails from corporate email
  • Web uploads
  • Personal email & cloud apps
  • Bluetooth & Airdrop
  • USB, Printing, and other external devices
  • Differentiate corporate and personal versions of an app
  • End-to-end encrypted and certificate pinned apps

Data Detection and Response is a new way to protect data

Your data is always in motion, spreading to new people, applications, and devices. Traditional data security tools can’t keep up.

A different approach for identifying what’s important

Important data often contains no recognizable content pattern, and sometimes no text at all. We combine content and context analysis to identify what other tools miss including:

Client data
Source code
Product designs
Recorded meetings
Employee HR data
Unreleased marketing
And more...

Made for today’s extended enterprise

Data doesn’t stay on the network or in the datacenter – it lives everywhere from cloud applications to data warehouses and moves between people via messaging, collaboration tools, and email.

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Coverage for all exfiltration channels

Data can leave via the web, unsanctioned cloud apps, sharing from sanctioned cloud apps, email, and removable storage devices. We cover all these channels to protect data anywhere it goes.

The moment there’s a threat, take action

Cyberhaven’s architecture makes it possible to intervene when a threat is detected and stop data from leaving your control. Our unmatched accuracy gives you the confidence to enable blocking without disrupting normal business operations.

Block exfiltration of sensitive data

At the moment someone attempts to exfiltrate data, Cyberhaven can intervene to prevent data from leaving.

Timely coaching of users

Quarterly security training isn’t very effective. Coaching users with a timely popup reduces bad behavior by an average of 80%.

Allow override with a justification

Optionally, you can allow users to override and continue by providing a justification for the exception.

The magic behind Data Detection and Response

Data lineage is a technology that’s only available from Cyberhaven. It tracks data from its origin and everywhere it goes, providing the context we use to identify what data is important.

Finally, data security that’s easy to deploy and run

Data loss prevention and insider threat tools aren’t known for being easy to get up and running. Our approach is not only easier for administrators but analysts too.
Straightforward policy creation

Relying on content analysis alone results in complex policies that have to be highly tuned. By layering in context, Cyberhaven policy templates are easy to customize during initial setup.

Immediate accuracy without training

Unlike black box AI-based approaches that take time to learn behavior and manual tuning of weights to work, Cyberhaven starts out accurately detecting insider threats.

Minimize noise for SOC analysts

Compared with other tools, Cyberhaven not only improves detection of threats others miss, but reduces false positive alerts by 95%.

See our product in action

The best way to understand the magic of Cyberhaven is to see a live product demo.