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Modern cloud data security

Cyberhaven delivers cloud security built for the way apps work today and follows data to protect it after it leaves the cloud.

The limits of traditional cloud data security

CASB and SSE products were designed using network technology that doesn’t work with new forms of encryption and they don’t protect data outside the cloud.

Is blind to data loss via apps with new encryption

More and more cloud apps use end-to-end encryption and certificate pinning, making it impossible for network-based cloud security products to see what data is going to them.

Cannot protect data after it leaves the cloud

Cloud security products can no longer see what happens to data after it leaves the cloud to a device or stop someone from taking it via email, USB storage, AirDrop, etc.

Uses separate policies from other data security tools

Many cloud security products were only built to solve cloud use cases, so they often have separate policy engines that are not well integrated with data loss prevention products.

Cyberhaven redefines cloud data security

We stop data loss via cloud apps that traditional cloud security tools can’t, and we follow and protect data even after it leaves the cloud.

Prevent data from going to encrypted apps that circumvent network controls

SWGs and CASBs can’t decrypt traffic to cloud apps that use end-to-end encryption or certificate pinning. We stop data exfiltration to these apps before data is encrypted and sent.

Protect important data as it moves from the cloud to devices, and between clouds

It’s not enough to protect data in the cloud, you also need to protect it when employees move it to devices, transform it, and it moves to other clouds. Cyberhaven follows the data everywhere in your extended enterprise to protect it.

Prevent risky sharing of data in corporate cloud apps to the wrong people

Sharing and collaboration apps make it incredibly easy for employees to work together, but they also make it easy to share with the wrong people or give people the wrong permissions. Cyberhaven enforces sharing policies in real time to prevent data from leaving your control.

Allow important data in corporate instances of an app but not personal instances

Cyberhaven stops important company data from going to personal cloud apps, and we can tell the difference between a corporate instance of an app and a personal instance of the same app that’s not approved to store company data.

Discover new cloud apps and data stores employees are using

Cyberhaven detects and tracks usage of new cloud apps employees try to use with company data. You can enforce policies to protect data, redirect employees to approved alternatives, and identify unmet needs for new apps.

Go beyond cloud data security

Cyberhaven is more than modern cloud data security, it’s a new approach to protecting data from insider threats and accidental exposure we call Data Detection and Response.
One product and one policy that protects all exfiltration channels

Cyberhaven prevents data in your extended enterprise from leaving your control with a single policy framework that applies everywhere your data goes.

Removable storage
Apple AirDrop

Combine content analysis and data lineage to better classify data

We combine content analysis with data lineage – where the data originated, where it’s been, and who’s handled it – to better classify the data and protect it wherever it goes.

Combine analysis of data and user behavior to better detect insider threats

Cyberhaven combines the data analysis of a DLP solution with the behavioral analysis of an insider threat solution in one product to better detect threats.

See our product in action

The best way to understand the magic of Cyberhaven is to see a live product demo.