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macOS Sonoma is here and Cyberhaven DLP is ready with day-zero support

Michael Osakwe
Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Today, Apple released macOS 14.0 Sonoma for all computers. Cyberhaven is committed to providing support for releases like Sonoma in a timely manner to ensure the continued value of the platform for our users.

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Day-zero support and full DLP feature parity with Windows

Too many data security solutions provide partial feature coverage for macOS relative to Windows devices and delayed support when Apple ships new versions. Cyberhaven is different. We support full feature parity for endpoint DLP across Windows and macOS. Day-zero Apple DLP support is a key aspect of this value which we’ve made a consistent commitment to providing with previous macOS releases. This means you can keep your systems up-to-date with the confidence that Cyberhaven, your trusted DLP partner, is working as intended to protect your business-critical data.

A new way to enable endpoint security and more

Cyberhaven is changing the way companies approach data loss prevention with our revolutionary data detection and response (DDR) technology. With DDR, what matters is not where your data is, but what it is and how it's being used. Built from the ground up for managing data movement across hybrid environments, Cyberhaven provides a dedicated endpoint agent alongside browser plugins and cloud APIs to capture the data lineage of your most sensitive data. Understand how employees are creating, accessing, or modifying data in real time, and use this information to create policies that stop unacceptable use.