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January product update: New gifts for the new year

Abhi Puranam

To celebrate the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024, we are happy to announce a collection of product updates to more robustly and securely protect your company’s data. Read below to discover what’s new!

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Insider risk

The insider risk page is now generally available. It’s a new page in your console to detect, investigate, and respond to insider risk in your environment. 

This new page allows teams to:

  1. Combine data awareness with behaviors to accurately detect risk
  2. Quickly deep dive into risks using data lineage
  3. Escalate user restrictions with real-time enforcement options

Watch the demo below to learn more about how it works and read the blog post here.

Exact Data Match

Exact Data Match (EDM) is a sophisticated technique used in data security, designed to identify and protect sensitive data, such as personal or financial information, from leaving an organization's systems. 

Using EDM, Cyberhaven can consume a hashed database of sensitive data and enable you to define rules to detect exact matches of that data within documents. These rules can then be used to monitor data movement and prevent sensitive data from leaving your control. By employing this advanced content inspection method, you can more confidently and accurately adhere to whatever privacy and secure standards your organization requires.

To use Exact Data Matching, an Advanced Content Inspection license is required. Please contact your account team to learn more.

Enhanced data lineage and protection for cloud documents

This update enables tracing of data lineage for documents uploaded or text pasted into files within Google Drive, Microsoft 365, and Box. With this update, the lineage of a document is maintained even after it is sent to these cloud platforms, meaning that each cloud file now carries a detailed history, including its original download source or application, the identity of its creator, and the various locations it has traversed. 

This feature empowers Cyberhaven customers to enforce controls on cloud documents based on their true origin. This enhancement ensures that subsequent shares and uses of the document are properly regulated and comply with acceptable use policies.

Attribute based access control

Attribute based access control elevates administrator control over data visibility among Cyberhaven users, a crucial step in safeguarding employee privacy.

Administrators can now define specific attribute access roles that determine exactly which datasets or user groups are visible to different users. This enables users to conduct investigations on incidents and other users while fully aligning with both internal policies and external regulations, ensuring that Cyberhaven remains a responsible and compliant tool in your data security program.

Cloud app account detection

We’ve expanded our cloud app account detection to cover the following web applications:

  • WeTransfer
  • Airtable
  • Expensify
  • DocuSign
  • Proton Mail and Proton Drive
  • Figma

Cyberhaven can now granularly trace and protect data based on personal vs corporate instances of these applications. This means policies can be enforced to allow sanctioned behavior for legitimate purposes, while limiting unnecessary data exposure via personal accounts.

Improved multi-session Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Support

Cyberhaven now fully supports multi-session virtual desktop infrastructure. VDI environments are used by IT teams for their increased security, ease of management, and cost-effectiveness. Cyberhaven now fully supports these environments when multiple users are active simultaneously, providing complete data lineage and policy enforcement as we do in typical desktop environments.

URL Categorization

As part of this release, we’ve used the latest advances in AI to more accurately and precisely categorize URLs Cyberhaven observes. Commonly available utilities that categorize URLs do so with high accuracy, but often categorize URLs very generically, in categories such as “Business and economy” or “Computer and Internet Info”. Cyberhaven’s approach not only provides improvements in overall accuracy, but also much more precisely identifies the purpose of the website. See the examples in the table below:

These more precise categories make it possible to more confidently search and understand employee data usage as well as deploy datasets and policies to protect your company’s data.

Happy new year!

For a full breakdown of what’s new check out the release notes here and speak with your customer success manager about upgrading to 23.12.