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Cyberhaven Product Update – September 2021

Volodymyr Kuznetsov

Innovation happens fast at Cyberhaven, and our team is always at work to deliver the best data protection solution and customer experience in the industry. We wanted to share some of the latest features we’ve built, and what they mean to your security practice.

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Here are the updates available in the latest release of Cyberhaven.

Account-Based Control for OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox

Customers can now detect and prevent the upload of sensitive content to these cloud services by distinguishing corporate from personal accounts. This means organizations can allow the use of a corporate Box account, but block a user from uploading sensitive content to a personal account where the organization has no control or visibility. Likewise, customers can distinguish between their accounts and those of their partner organizations to ensure sensitive data is not accidentally copied to the wrong location.

Full-Context Blocking Enhancements

Earlier this year we introduced the industry’s first full-context blocking capability, with initial support for Windows-based devices. The latest release extends this capability to macOS devices, allowing organizations to prevent the loss or risky sharing of data to removable media, websites, local file operations, and more.

Updated Policy Engine

Cyberhaven gives organizations far more control over how their data flows both within and out of the enterprise, and the policy engine makes it easy for staff to dial in the exact controls they need. The latest updates to the policy engine includes broad controls such as policies for all sensitive data that is destined to go outside the company, or highly targeted policies that focus on the use of specific cloud services such as personal G-Suite accounts, data transfers of a certain size, or allowing uploads but not downloads from a certain app or location. Instead of writing complex rules, the policy engine gives security staff precise control over their data with a few clicks.

Architecture and Performance Improvements

Cyberhaven has already pioneered multiple advancements in graph-based analysis, allowing the solution to solve queries in seconds that typically require hours in other popular graph databases. Our latest round of enhancements has resulted in an additional 10x improvement in performance, enabling even more advanced forms of detection and protection.

Cyberhaven SOC-2 Report is available

Cyberhaven enables organizations to protect their data anywhere in the enterprise, including the cloud. However, as a trusted security vendor, we also take the security of our own cloud assets extremely seriously. We have recently completed a SOC-2 audit documenting how we keep our customer’s data safe. We are proud of the results, and are happy to share the report with customers upon request.

These are just some of the recent improvements we’ve made to the product and many more are on the way. If you would like to learn more about any of these features or when your instance will be upgraded to the latest release, please reach out to the Cyberhaven team.

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