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Cyberhaven Product Update – October 2021

Volodymyr Kuznetsov

At Cyberhaven our team is always working to deliver the best data protection solution and customer experience possible. As part of our regular monthly cadence of improvements, we wanted to share some of the latest features and enhancements in the product, and what they mean to your security practice.

In this article

This update summarizes information related to version 21.10 of Cyberhaven released on October 20, 2021. Key updates include:

Template Library of Policies and Datasets

Cyberhaven now includes a built-in library of templates of useful policies and datasets. These templates cover a variety of common data protection needs and use cases such as basic data protection, insider threat, regulatory compliance, and more. Likewise, templates can make it easy to create policies to address common risks such as preventing users from sharing sensitive data to social media, personal webmail accounts, or writing to removable media. Organizations can use these templates as a starting point and easily customize them to create their own tailored datasets and policies. We will continue to add to this library in future releases to add support for new data protection requirements and use cases.

Universal Search

One of the unique powers of the Cyberhaven solution is its ability to collect and analyze data across an unmatched set of actions and attributes. Our enhanced search capability makes it far easier for staff to harness this power in their searches. Users can now type anything in the search field and the platform can automatically find the appropriate data type. For example, a user can type in a specific website, user name, content attribute, and countless other options without the user having to specify what type of data they are looking for. This lets teams get to the information they need faster with less need for complex queries. The option to search by specific fields is still available for more advanced use-cases.

Preview Content Attribute Matches

Cyberhaven now makes it easy to review how content matching policies are being applied to specific files. When content inspection is performed on a file, Cyberhaven can now create a report showing all matching attributes alongside snippets of the matching content. Staff can download this report as a self-contained HTML file from the Cyberhaven dashboard for any dataflow or incident.

Important note: Cyberhaven never stores customer content. All collected content and snippets are stored in a cloud storage bucket owned and operated by the customer. Cyberhaven employees do not have access to this bucket and cannot obtain its content.

Track and Block Printing from Web Browsers

For Windows-based systems, Cyberhaven can now track printing from web browsers and block printing based on the source URL or cloud app account. This is a key enhancement to ensure enterprise data remains safe as users continue to access more of their data and applications via the browser (e.g. SaaS, cloud services, and countless web applications). This ensures that organizations can prevent data from being printed based on the origin of the data itself.

Improved Performance of the Outlook Plugin

We substantially improved support for Microsoft Outlook by completely removing any delays for the 99% most common Outlook scenarios. We further reduced delays for the remaining 1% of scenarios and will continue to address these scenarios with future releases.

Enhanced Product Documentation

Starting this release, Cyberhaven users can access product documentation. Every future release will come with detailed release notes and documentation for newly added features.

If you would like to learn more about any of these features or the update process itself, please reach out to Cyberhaven team members or contact us at