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Cyberhaven Product Update – December 2021

Volodymyr Kuznetsov

The Cyberhaven team is always working to bring you the best data protection solution. Read about this current update and the features it will enable within the product.

In this article

This update summarizes information related to version 21.12 of Cyberhaven released on December 21, 2021. This last release of the year covers a variety of reliability and performance improvements under the hood that both deliver benefits today while also laying the groundwork for the new and exciting things coming in 2022. Nevertheless, we did include a few user-visible features as well which include:

Easily add locations to datasets and policies

Staff can now use the Location widget to quickly add any location to a pre-existing dataset or policy or to create a new source or destination search. A new three-dot menu is now available for each location in the Location widget, allowing staff to quickly access this functionality in just a few clicks.

Remote configuration for Cyberhaven agents

Previously, some advanced configuration options of the Cyberhaven agents could only be made via an update to the endpoint configuration file. Now, administrators can remotely control these options from the Cyberhaven backend. This can include the ability to turn individual capabilities on or off, the ability to specify specific timeouts, and a variety of other settings.

Important Note: Due to the complexity and sensitivity of endpoint configuration, this feature requires a review of all agent configuration changes by the Cyberhaven team. Please talk to your Cyberhaven contact if you need to make any changes.

Email notifications for assigned incidents

Cyberhaven now includes the option to send an email notification to an analyst when he or she is assigned an incident.

Improved incidents timeline view (Beta)

Incident details now include a timeline-focused view that enables security teams to see the chronological sequence of events tied to a specific incident — including the end user’s and the security team’s actions as they interact with the incident. This feature is currently in beta and will be substantially improved in the next release.

These are just some of the recent improvements we’ve made to the product and many more are on the way. If you would like to learn more about any of these features or the update process itself, please reach out to Cyberhaven team members or contact us at