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Cyberhaven for AI

Cyberhaven is securing the future of work by enabling visibility and control over sensitive data flowing to generative AI applications.

The Challenges Securing AI Application Usage

Generative AI tools, like ChatGPT, promise productivity gains for employees of all kinds – but pose a new risk to confidential company information.

Sensitive data exposure due to AI

Inputting confidential data into public AI models like ChatGPT creates the risk of exposure because these tools add this input into their models that generate output for users outside the company.

Business pressure to not block completely

Boards, executives, and other business leaders are seeking ways AI tools can enable greater productivity, meaning security teams can’t ban generative AI tools altogether.

Rapid pace of new applications

New AI tools are launching every day, and IT teams need a security approach that can keep up in understanding and controlling their usage.

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Cyberhaven gives you the visibility needed to secure AI app usage

See all data flows to AI tools out of the box

Cyberhaven records all data flows to the internet without any configuration or policies needed, so your team can keep up with new AI tools as they pop up and understand what sensitive data is flowing to and from these tools. Use these insights to partner with business leaders and develop company policies regarding the usage of AI applications.

Protect data by tracking it at the most granular level.

Data classification tools tag files, and DLP tools scan data at rest, but can’t follow data copied out of a file or between apps. We track every fragment of data everywhere it goes, to give you robust protection of sensitive corporate data pasted into the chat window of generative AI tools.

The magic behind Cyberhaven is data lineage

Data lineage is a technology that’s only available from Cyberhaven. It tracks data from its origin and everywhere it goes, providing the context we use to identify what data is important.
Control the flow of data to AI tools with simple, powerful policies

Cyberhaven makes it possible to define incredibly simple policies that prevent your sensitive data from flowing to dangerous AI tools.

Test policies on historical data to quickly preview and iterate

Cyberhaven maintains a complete record of every user action for every piece of data. When editing a policy, you can see how it would apply to historical data to quickly make any adjustments without deploying it in production and waiting for results and complaints.

Differentiate between personal and corporate AI accounts

Cyberhaven provides granular visibility into the account being utilized with AI applications, enabling flows to corporate instances that have data privacy protections while blocking flows to personal instances that can lead to exposure.

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