Data loss prevention

DLP built from the ground up

We questioned every assumption and built a DLP solution from the ground up to protect data in a better way.

The limitations of traditional DLP

Traditional data loss prevention tools fail to protect important data, block normal activity, and use outdated technology that makes life painful for administrators and end users.

Relies too much on content inspection

Relying entirely on content analysis, DLP tools don’t accurately identify important data. They also generate false positive alerts that waste the time of analysts.

Creates a bad experience for end users

Because false positives block users from doing their work, the prevention features of DLP tools often aren’t turned on. Their outdated technology also slows down computers and breaks cloud apps.

Is time consuming to deploy and manage

Security teams need to invest a lot of time and resources fine tuning DLP content policies to reduce false positives. Older DLP tools also require on-premises software and databases.

Cyberhaven redefines data loss prevention

We identify important data that traditional DLP tools can’t and protect that data across all exfiltration channels with one product and one policy.

Combine content analysis and data lineage to reduce false positives

We combine content analysis with data lineage – where the data originated, where it’s been, and who’s handled it – to better identify what data is important and what’s not. Our approach minimizes false positives created by common content patterns such as phone numbers and emails.

Find, follow, and protect data that eludes content analysis

Important data often contains no recognizable content pattern, and sometimes no text at all. Data lineage helps us identify what other tools miss including:

Client data

Recorded meetings

Source code

Employee HR data

Product designs

Unreleased marketing

Unreleased marketing

And more...

Cyberhaven love

What our customers say

Data lineage is understanding how the data came into your environment and when it came in, and then how it changed, and where it traveled once it was inside your environment.

Dan Walsh
Dan Walsh
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), VillageMD

Our DLP solutions were never really told us exactly what was there. Everything was a credit card number. Everything was a Social Security number. And so it just wasn't great. And it was a lot of work to manage.

Zack Willis
Zack Willis
Senior VP of Technology, IVP

I've used traditional DLP technologies in the past and sometimes the noise-to-signal ratio can be a lot. The context Cyberhaven gives us has significantly improved our data protection, monitoring of data movement, and insider risk.

Prabhath Karanth
Prabhath Karanth
VP and Global Head of Security & Trust, Navan

False positives have been the gating factor for our data protection policies and every one of them makes users angry and creates extra work for our team. Cyberhaven has changed that completely with blocking that is accurate and reliable, and we have a built-in trace of every event so we can validate each decision.

Lance Wright
Lance Wright
CISO, Bazaarvoice

The key challenge with insider threat tools is that they alert you to threats but don’t stop them. And they don’t detect actual threats, many of their alerts turn out to be false positives. Cyberhaven can take action to stop data exfiltration while an insider threat is happening.

John Harris
John Harris
VP of IT Ops, Day & Zimmermann

Cyberhaven is not only the best tool for tracking data movement and exfiltration, the team clearly cares about your data. Their unique design makes everything very easy to comprehend and quick to take action on.

Donald Strand
Donald Strand
Security Systems Administrator, BLT Communications

We've been with Cyberhaven for almost a year, and it's been a cornerstone of our DLP strategy. Their support team is always there for us, addressing any issues or requests we have.

Brad Gasser
Brad Gasser
Solutions Architect Cybersecurity, West Pharmaceutical Services

Cyberhaven beat everyone else in security to the punch with data lineage. Being able to surface critical content without having to painstakingly configure alerts has turned me into a zealot for this technology.

Arlan McMillan
Arlan McMillan
CSO, Kirkland and Ellis

Staying ahead of the competition means guarding against insider threats. Cyberhaven gives us visibility into how data flows within our company and stops insider threats in real time.

Richard Rushing
Richard Rushing
CISO, Motorola

When you have a traditional system and you’re just looking at all the blocked actions, there’s just a lot of noise. Cyberhaven helps identify things that you don’t usually see with traditional DLP.

Mike Santos
Mike Santos
Head of Security, Cooley

One product and one policy that protects all exfiltration channels

Cyberhaven prevents data in your extended enterprise from leaving your control with a single policy framework that applies everywhere your data goes.

How it works

The magic behind Cyberhaven is data lineage

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Take real-time action to protect data and educate users on the right behavior

When data is at risk of being exfiltrated, instantly take action and surface a message to the user educating them on company policy and acceptable behavior. An educated employee base leads to 80% fewer incidents and reduced risk to data over time.

Block exfiltration of sensitive data

Educate users to improve behavior

Allow override with justification

Investigate incidents with a full picture of the events before attempted exfiltration

Cyberhaven provides an incident response view tracing every step and action related to a piece of data leading up to an incident, including who handled it and how it moved throughout the organization so analysts can investigate and resolve incidents faster.

Simple, powerful policies that are easy to create and maintain

Cyberhaven data lineage makes it possible to define incredibly simple policies and get better results with fewer false positives than policies based on content analysis alone.

Define policies using an intuitive visual policy editor

Create and edit policies using a visual builder with built-in Boolean logic and auto-complete that pulls in historical source and destination applications, URLs, devices, user groups, and more. You can also convert any graph query to a policy in one click.

Test policies on historical data to quickly preview and iterate

Cyberhaven maintains a complete record of every user action for every piece of data. When editing a policy, you can see how it would apply to historical data to quickly make any adjustments without deploying it in production and waiting weeks for results.

Protect data obscured by encryption and compression

Cyberhaven tracks what type of data was encrypted or compressed, so even after the data itself cannot be scanned you can track it and protect it from exfiltration.

Modern DLP delivered from the cloud

Cyberhaven’s service is delivered from the cloud, so there are no databases or application servers to manage.

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Key features

Everything else you expect from a DLP solution

When we set out to redefine DLP, we included the standard features you expect.

Out-of-the-box policy templates

Get started quickly with dozens of out of the box policies for common use cases and industry-specific requirements.

Standard and custom content identifiers

Includes content identifiers for common PII, PCI, and PHI patterns, standard keyword lists, or create your own identifier with custom RegEx.

Optical character recognition (OCR)

Extracts text content in image files and PDFs and supports use of this data in content-based policies.

Recognizes third-party classification labels

Recognizes labels that classification products such as Microsoft AIP apply to files and supports labels in Cyberhaven policies.

User directory integration

Integrates with on-premises and cloud-based directory services to support granular user group and department based policies.

Match highlighting

Incidents for content-based policies include a highlighted excerpt showing what triggered the policy. These matches are stored in the customer’s cloud.

Role-based access control

Includes standard out-of-the-box roles or create your own custom roles with any combination of permissions.

Screenshot capture

Optionally record the user’s screen in the seconds leading up to an incident. Screenshots are stored in the customer’s cloud.

Reporting and analytics

Includes out-of-the box dashboards and a fully customizable reporting engine for advanced analytics.

SIEM integration and APIs

Natively integrates to SIEM tools such as Splunk and exposes incidents through an API so you can add them to any third-party security tool.

Data Detection and Response platform

Go beyond DLP

Cyberhaven is more than a modern DLP solution, it’s a new approach to protecting data from insider threats and accidental exposure we call Data Detection and Response.

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Combine analysis of data and user behavior to better detect insider threats

Cyberhaven combines the data analysis of a DLP solution with the behavioral analysis of an insider threat solution in one product to better detect threats.

Capture forensic-level events without physically imaging a laptop

We capture every user action related to every piece of data so you can perform a post-incident forensic investigation without needing physical possession of a device.

Detect risky data ingress, like employees bringing IP from another company

Cyberhaven identifies the data that employees bring into your company so you can minimize legal risk of IP from other firms or supply chain risk of open source code.

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