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Incident response and resolution

Rapid resolution of incidents with simple full-context forensics and chain of evidence.

Challenges with Incident response and resolution

  • Alert fatigue

    Security team overwhelmed by false positives and investigating, prioritizing, and responding to low-risk events.

  • Lack of insights

    Missing key information required to accurately resolve incidents, such as data lineage and pre-egress activity.

  • Time-consuming

    Reverse-engineering a data breach requires log-based analysis from multiple solutions, increasing investigation times and costs.

Cyberhaven’s approach

  • Simple yet powerful policies

    Alerts based on a complete lineage of the data and multiple detection contexts, including how the content was created, by whom, and how it has been shared, as well as the content itself.

  • Full historical context

    Automatically see everything that led up to an event, including pre-egress activity, which reveals powerful insights. Know exactly where the data was created, how the user acquired it, and if it was modified along the way, all with no need for manual log analysis or investigation.

  • Unified visibility

    Easily follow investigations across endpoints, network shares, SaaS applications, and more.

What can Cyberhaven do for you?

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