[Webinar] Demystifying DLP: The Blueprint for DLP Program Success

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Data Detection and Response

Let’s face it, data security products never lived up to our expectations and now that the way we work is changing they can’t keep up. Cyberhaven solves these challenges so companies can finally protect their data.

Understand how data flows

See what systems store different types of data and how data moves within the company to new places and people.

Stop data exfiltration anywhere

Block important data from leaving your control via cloud, web, email, removable storage, Bluetooth/AirDrop, and more.

Accelerate internal investigations

Quickly understand an incident to determine user intent with a complete record of events before and during an incident.

Detect and stop risky behavior

Instantly detect when a user handles important data in a risky way and stop them in real time while coaching them.

We classify and protect data by analyzing billions of events, not just content

Data lineage is a technology that’s only available from Cyberhaven. It traces data from its origin, providing the context we use to more accurately classify what type of data it is and protect it anywhere it goes.

Three security products in one

Data Detection and Response combines the functionality of traditional data security tools in a way that doesn't just simplify management, but is more effective than the sum of its parts.

Data Loss Prevention

We questioned every assumption and built a DLP solution from the ground up to protect data in a better way.

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Insider Risk Management

Cyberhaven combines data awareness and behavioral signals to detect and stop insider threats and protect important data.

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Cloud Data Security

Cyberhaven delivers cloud security built for the way apps work today and follows data to protect it after it leaves the cloud.

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See our product in action

The best way to understand the magic of Cyberhaven is to see a live product demo.