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Stop paying more taxes than you legally have to! How to Save on Your Taxes Without Cheating gives you the tools to significantly lower your tax bill using fully legal and conservative strategies. If you're a U.S. citizen, the best way to keep the IRS off your back is to pay your taxes. But that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of legitimate opportunities to reduce the amount you owe. In this book we show you many ways to legally slice major sums off your tax bill. Plus, you'll get all the latest information on how to protect yourself from the IRS's more abusive tactics.
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Did you know ... one of the Richest Men in the World started his business career as a "finder." Even today, he earns millions of dollars each year in Finder's Fees. -- So can you. Earn Your Fortune in Finder's Fees - The Easiest Money You'll Ever Make!
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Most people have heard stories about the super-profits that "might" have been made trading in the stockmarkets but, like most of the information spoon-fed to the unsuspecting investing public, those stories are based upon hypothetical (made up; pretend) situations. No one ever really did it and the possibilities of someone ever doint it are slim and none. -- This no-nonesense report ... "How To Make a Fortune Trading NASDAQ (Penny) Stock" ... uses REAL numbers, a REAL trade, with REAL profits to teach you how it was REALLY done ... with a step-by-step method for making money (almost every time) trading the stocks the NASDAQ brokers tout to you on the telephone. -- You'll be able to do it again & again.
Ever dreamed of making a fortune in Real Estate? Didn't have the money to make it work? When you hold an option on a Real Estate property, you "control" the sale of that property until your option expires. Only you can buy that property; or not buy that property, or sell that property to someone else, or sell the option itself to someone else. -- Learn how to use Real Estate Options to get Filthy Rich Selling Real Estate you don't own.
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