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Securing the AI Frontier: How CIOs Can Implement AI while Protecting Data

In this webinar, Eric and Chris discuss balancing innovation and security, corporate guardrails for AI, navigating the regulatory landscape, managing AI Risk and reputational damage, and the future of AI in business.

Eric Johnson
Chief Information Officer, SurveyMonkey
Chris Hodson
Chief Security Officer, Cyberhaven
CISO Series

How CIOs Can Implement AI While Protecting Data

In this webinar, we'll discuss:

Balancing Innovation and Security

How can companies strike a balance between taking advantage of innovations in AI and ensuring the security of sensitive data

Corporate Guardrails for AI

Best practices for setting up corporate guardrails when using AI tools to protect proprietary information and data

Navigating the Regulatory Landscape

How can global companies navigate these challenges, with some countries imposing outright bans on tools like ChatGPT

Managing AI Risk and Reputational Damage

How companies can manage the potential reputational risk associated with AI missteps

The Future of AI in Business

The potential future trajectory of AI in business and what companies should do now to prepare for it


Eric Johnson

Chief Information Officer, SurveyMonkey

Eric Johnson is currently the Chief Information Officer at SurveyMonkey. He oversees SurveyMonkey’s information technology vision and IT roadmap. Prior to SurveyMonkey, Johnson served as CIO and senior vice president at both DocuSign and Talend. He also spent nearly 13 years at Informatica driving the vision and strategy for global off-shore support and delivery, and architecting the support required for the company’s migration to a SaaS platform.

Chris Hodson

Chief Security Officer, Cyberhaven

Chris Hodson is Chief Security Officer for Cyberhaven where he oversees all facets of security to protect Cyberhaven customers and employees. Prior to Cyberhaven, Hodson held cybersecurity leadership roles at Contentful, Tanium and Zscaler. In addition, Hodson is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Information Security and holds an MSc. in Cybersecurity from Royal Holloway University London. He is the author of Cyber Risk Management, a #1 Amazon bestseller.