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Cyberhaven reveals data risk in unparalleled detail

Cyberhaven identifies files with sensitive data and creates a data lineage for each one. See every file operation, categorize risk based on what files contain, who owns them, and what data stores they've come from or are going to.

Confidential data going to AI tools like ChatGPT

See source code, sensitive documents, and customer information pasted into AI tools.

Company data in personal instances of sanctioned apps

Understand what data goes to personal accounts of sanctioned apps like OneDrive or Google Drive.

Data sprawl within the company to new destinations and people

See how sensitive information spreads beyond the systems and people who should have access.

Encrypted traffic to cloud apps that web proxies can't see

Understand what data is going to end-to-end encrypted and certificate pinned apps.

“Staying ahead of the competition means guarding against insider threats. Cyberhaven gives us visibility into how data flows within our company and stops insider threats in real time.”
Richard Rushing
CISO, Motorola