Free Data Security Risk Assessment

See security risk with unprecedented accuracy

Today's workforce is hybrid and distributed. Employees are rapidly adopting new, unsanctioned apps like ChatGPT to boost productivity, and without the tools to track data egress, you'll be flying blind.

See all your sensitive data at a glance

Cyberhaven reveals data risk in unparalleled detail

Cyberhaven identifies files with sensitive data and creates a data lineage for each one. See every file operation, categorize risk based on what files contain, who owns them, and what data stores they've come from or are going to.

Confidential data going to ChatGPT

Observe real time data egress into any application or service, regardless of if it's sanctioned.

Workplace use of personal apps

See every major file operation, even for files moved to personal instances of workplace apps like O365.

Data sprawl within the company

Visualize your data attack surface. See who can access sensitive files that should be private or no longer in use.

Traffic to encrypted apps

Maintain visibility of any encrypted data leaving endpoints.

“Staying ahead of the competition means guarding against insider threats. Cyberhaven gives us visibility into how data flows within our company and stops insider threats in real time.”
Richard Rushing
CISO, Motorola