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User education

Protect your data without worrying about OS compatibility and user friction.

How DLP negatively impacts users

  • Stability

    Most DLP agents currently rely on kernel extensions, and each new OS update can introduce compatibility or stability problems that leave the organization paralyzed.

  • Performance

    Inspection of each file at egress can bog down performance and cause users to wait or their applications to freeze whenever they send a file.

  • User friction

    Slow devices, blocking without context, and too many false positives make users less productive and lead to high frustration.

Cyberhaven’s approach

  • Educate

    Instead of episodic classroom training, Cyberhaven teaches users best practices in the context of their real workflows.

  • Explain policies

    Provides users with in-context messages about the policy and how to avoid future violations.

  • Listen

    Allows users to explain the need and gives them options to complete their work without just ignoring the policy.

  • Be invisible

    Makes agent invisible to the user during normal operations (agent runs out-of-band, in user space, and uses only 0.1% CPU).

What can Cyberhaven do for you?

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